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Neurolink Psychology was formed in 2007 to bring high quality neurorehabilitation to adults living with brain injuries in the community. We love working collaboratively as part of an interdisciplinary team and closely with a person’s network of family and friends.

Our referrals come from specialist brain injury case managers, personal injury solicitors, court of protection deputies and insurers. We are highly experienced at clear outcome evaluation, reporting and managing disclosure requests.
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Neurolink psychology services

Neuropsychological Assessments

  • Comprehensive cognitive assessment with practical and individualised recommendations.
  • Neuropsychological needs assessment to create personalised rehabilitation plans.
  • Psychological wellbeing and neurobehavioural assessments.
  • Neurobehavioural assessments

Mental Capacity Assessments

Expertise in MCA (2005) and relevant caselaw for decisions including:
  • Property and Financial Affairs
  • Testamentary decisions
  • Litigation
  • Care and Treatment
  • Residence
  • Sex
  • Contact
  • Marriage

Medico Legal Assessments

Medico-Legal Assessments

Expert report preparation for civil litigation, personal injury and clinical negligence matters.

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

Following a Neuropsychological Needs Assessment we develop a personalised neurorehabilitation intervention designed to help people get back to what matters to them and to discover new ways to enjoy life.

Neuropsychological Consultation

Consultation, training and clinical supervision. Sharing neuropsychological thinking, models and strategies to optimise a person’s everyday life.

Family and Friends Support

We work together with the important people in a person’s life and are optimistic and creative at a time when obstacles can seem overwhelming.

Areas we cover

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