Neurolink Psychology

We think the human brain is amazing!

That’s why we dedicated our careers to neuropsychological assessment and neurorehabilitation, and are leaders in finding creative ways of dealing with the difficult challenges faced by adults after brain injury and neurological conditions.

Personal, Practical and Innovative Neuropsychology

No two people are the same. We personalise gold-standard, evidence-based practice to help people with the things that matter most to them.

Neurolink Psychology works with:

  • people with brain injury to learn ways to manage life, achieve their goals and focus on what they value
  • their family and friends, to understand their needs, cope with the changes and learn what they can do to help the person keep on track
  • other health professionals, support workers, employers and educational facilities to ensure a joined up approach to neuro-rehabilitation
Neurolink psychology

Our Expertise

Neuropsychological Assessments

  • Comprehensive cognitive assessment with practical and individualised recommendations.
  • Neuropsychological needs assessment to create personalised rehabilitation plans.
  • Psychological wellbeing and neurobehavioural assessments.
  • Neurobehavioural assessments.

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

Following a Neuropsychological Needs Assessment we develop a personalised neurorehabilitation intervention designed to help people get back to what matters to them and to discover new ways to enjoy life.

Neuropsychological Consultation

Consultation, training and clinical supervision. Sharing neuropsychological thinking, models and strategies to optimise a person’s everyday life.

What we help with

Changes after injury

Things we can do

Rehabilitation where it’s relevant

      We provide assessment and neurorehabilitation where it’s most needed:


At work and educational institutions

In our clinic

At home and in your local area

Via telehealth appointments

Areas we cover

We provide services across